"Once Upon A Time" - FFXV Framed Wood Artwork 27 x 24

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Framed (26cm) wood artwork on a print with accessorries (4 pieces) drilled into the wood piece.



can be put on wall and on table (handle on backside)

 size: 27 x 24cm
✿ thickness: 2,3cm
 material: recycled ABS-synthetic 


 material: cherry wood
✿ thickness: 4mm
 finish: matte
 size: 3,5" (9,5cm)

 accessories: moon, star, strawberry, clear bead (chocobo's lantern)


✿ size:  19 x 13cm
paper weight:  300 g/m² cardstock (thick and sturdy)  
material:  att MultiArt Silk (white, silky-matt surface, wood-free, age-resistant) 

Description on the print:

"Once upon a time there was a little prince, who was named after the night filled by stars and born to be the Chosen King. Although the palace was vast, he felt imprisoned and lonely, his father taken away from him by his duties. But there were two boys, who kept him company. One who wore glasses and always had a serious air around him. He taught him, what selflessness is. Another one, too big and strong, taught him how to fight and never look back. There was a third friend, who was cheerful yet insecure. He taught the prince to be himself. When the prince grew older, the world fell into darkness and was in need of a savior chosen by the crystal. Hence the prince and his friends set forth on a journey to his betrothed to bring back the peaceful dawn. This is in memory of their tale of true brotherhood, love and bravery."


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